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Combine Math with Mini-Games

Prodigy Math Game is a fun educational video game that lets you learn math without having to be so bored with all those numbers. Teaching mathematics for Grades 1 to 8 students, Prodigy Math Game isn’t all that new or groundbreaking, but it’s definitely another good contribution to the world of math and educational video games. If you’re struggling with math yourself or you know someone who might find this game really helpful, then go ahead and try it.

The Joys of Math

It’s a proven fact that learning and education go on better when there’s some fun in it. It can be pretty boring, just watching and listening to your teacher talks about a topic. Even recitation can be dull if you are not having fun. The brain needs positive stimulation to receive and process information much better, and that’s why educators are constantly putting new spins on their lessons. Mathematics is one of those subjects that can easily bore and even scare students. Not everyone likes numbers once they get mixed with other stuff like letters and grids, so the majority tend to shy away from the subject altogether. However, when you incorporate a game with math, you start to forget about how complicated it can be because of the joy of competing and achieving a win. This is what Prodigy Math Game sets out to do.

Adventure with Math

At first glance, the Prodigy Math Game is obviously for children. Containing colorful games full of cute characters and simple equations, Prodigy Math Game is geared towards children in Grades 1 to 8. Basically, they are those who are starting with the basics of mathematics and its slow climb to more advanced lessons. From simple arithmetic to classic geometry, this app packed a ton of topics in fun little games that kids can play. Adults can play it, too, but don’t expect advanced categories like Calculus and such. Prodigy Math Game was designed to be easy but challenging for the players. The game designs that carry the math lessons do a good job of quelling your fears of complicated computations. You can play riddles and even RPGs—all the while improving your math skills and following a cool plotline in the story of the game.

Keeps Asking Money

Prodigy Math Game is pretty basic with its concept, but it’s a good math game to try if you want to learn math while having fun. With its cute pixel art style and dozens of mini-games, math lessons don’t have to be boring anymore. However, much of Prodigy Math Game’s failings lie on its in-app purchases. A lot of the content you’ll find in the game is locked behind paid membership requirements. It can be frustrating to try and play around only to find that you can’t try a mini-game or a feature because you’re using the free version. When you compare this game to other math games, this one pales by a lot of shades.


  • Teaches math
  • Good variety of mini-games
  • Colorful pixel-art graphics


  • More for kids
  • Lots of locked content you have to pay
  • Clumsy controls

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Prodigy Math Game for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V varies-with-device
  • 4.5
  • (251)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Prodigy Math Game

  • Michael Reynolds

    by Michael Reynolds

    It is fun and teaches a lot to kids


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