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A skill building game to improve problem-solving

Prodigy Math Game is a freemium, adaptive, and easy-to-play game for kids to improve problem-solving, arithmetic, and math skills. The game focuses on a number of quests and rewards to keep players encouraged. Prodigy Math Game takes into account the curriculum assigned for grades 1-8. Compared to Baldis Basics, Bloxorz, and Kids Numbers and Math, this one is a better choice for kids, parents, and teachers.

While this Windows game runs best on PCs, it’s also available for iOS and Android devices. As such, players can indulge in some interesting quests and challenges to polish their skills on the go. Prodigy Math Game offers content related to all kinds of math topics. It also covers DoK levels 1-3 and targets 1,300+ skills.

A free math game to improve arithmetic skills

Prodigy Math Game is a self-paced, freemium, and curriculum-aligned game for kids from grades 1-8. It’s an excellent learning tool focused on the core concepts of arithmetic. As of now, the popular skill-building game has been downloaded by more than 50 million people around the world. These also include parents and teachers. 

How to play Prodigy Math Game?

Prodigy Math Game is set in a futuristic, modern world, where each player needs to adhere to specific actions. It’s also important to perform various mathematical tasks to win the game. The premium version of the game comes with more challenges, quests, and levels. It also gives better rewards to succeed in the game.

The game can be played with two different approaches. While one focuses on kids having fun through mini-games, the other requires a teacher account. In the latter, the teacher chooses a curriculum, and students need to log in to choose a specific avatar and create a profile. With this approach, the player also gets a quick tutorial, which performs a basic test that sets the level of the game as per the player’s caliber and skills.

What are the features?

This skill-building game is a good way for kids and adults to improve core math concepts and skills. Players only need to choose the grade level at the beginning of the game. As mentioned earlier, Prodigy Math Game aligns with a range of different curriculums, thereby addressing Florida and Texas state standards and Common Core math standards.

Unlike other games in this category, Prodigy Math Game comes with automatic differentiation. As such, most of the questions, challenges, and quests are based on the player’s previous performances. The game also provides instructional feedback for wrong answers. It’s important to note that this Windows game features easy-to-understand, command-based fight systems.

In order to reign supreme in the world of Prodigy Math Game, players can participate in various challenges in Pokemon-style magic battles. The game perfectly blends core math concepts with fun action sequences to keep students engaged in the curriculum.

It’s worth mentioning that some time can pass between questions and challenges. The key focus is on earning more coins, pets, treasures, and other kinds of rewards. With Prodigy Math Game, kids get to practice their math skills and improve concepts while completing challenges and battling monsters.

What’s the right age for playing Prodigy Math Game?

The game focuses on protecting the player’s privacy and confidential data. There’s also a chat function, which helps students seek help from other players. Prodigy Math Game can also be played offline. However, since this game is played mostly by kids, the development team has blocked sharing of personal information through the chat window. It can only be used to communicate through safe and pre-determined sentences.

If you have a teacher account, the sentences in the chat window and questions to be asked in the game can be fully customized. Prodigy Math Game adopts an adaptive learning model with various instruction principles to solve students’ issues and problems. Overall, the game is safe and there have been no reports of safety-related incidents.

A good game for students of grades 1-8

Although Prodigy Math Game doesn't include high-level and advanced math topics, it remains an addictive and useful platform to polish your math and problem-solving skills. In order to succeed in this skill-building game, you need a proper understanding of the concepts. 

Moreover, the game improves your knowledge of various arithmetic problems while you have a fun time in an adaptive playing environment. Overall, Prodigy Math Game is a good choice for kids of all ages as well as teachers and parents.


  • Aligned with Common Core Math standards
  • Features self-paced and adaptive playing style
  • Comes with an easy-to-understand interface


  • Limited features in the free version

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Prodigy Math Game for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V varies-with-device
  • 4.5
  • (263)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Prodigy Math Game

  • Michael Reynolds

    by Michael Reynolds

    It is fun and teaches a lot to kids


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